Monday, February 1, 2010

OUCH... but worth it!

Tim and I had our testing this morning, he had a SA and I had an Hsg. The HSG hurt worse than almost anything I have ever felt! However, great news, no blockage and the uterus looks perfect! Also, apparently, hubby is a SUPER STUD! The normal count is about 20mil he has 76 with 87% motility... needless to say the smile on his face... priceless, i could see his head getting bigger as she talked! The only semi-bad news, which I have actually turned in to positive news lol, I have insulin resistance. However, this could explain my weight issue! So I was put on metformin starting with 500mg/day for one week, next week I go to 1000 then the following 1500. I am not excited that I have Insulin Resistance because it puts me at risk for type II diabetes, however, the metformin should help with my weight loss! All in all, good day with good news! Next appointment March 1 for weigh in and metabolic panel! On our way to baby #1 hopefully! Once I lose 22 more pounds I will get my clomid woohoo! God is great!

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