Sunday, January 31, 2010

Babies R..not yet... us

Hello everyone!! I hope you are all doing wonderful! We have some testing coming up so I wanted to fill everyone in!

Tomorrow morning at 11:45 we have two imparitive tests going on. I am having my HSG (basically they use sonography and dye to look at my reproductive system and make sure there is no blockage) and Tim is having his analysis. We will have the results while we are there and while I am nervous, both about the results and about the procedure, I am hopeful for a great outcome! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tonight!

Now to show you how ridiculous we are lol. Today Tim and I took a little trip with some friends to Babies R Us... I had a blast lol! Tim was so cute looking at everything saying what he liked and didn't like! I think we may possibly have all of baby #1's things picked out and we aren't even pregnant lol!! While I was standing there it hit me... what if this doesn't happen as quickly as we hope? What if we get bad news tomorrow? Then I remembered... today church was all about mountains, how we all face them and how God can move them out of our way or help us climb them. I remembered at church this morning when Pastor Keith said anyone who is facing a mountain in your life pray and leave it in God's hands... I prayers a simple prayer to leave all of this up to him! So, for now I am breathing in and out and taking this one day, one step and one prayer at a time!

Thank you all for your support... we couldn't get through all of this emotion and struggle alone!

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