Wednesday, January 20, 2010

13 again...

So I am on day 8 of Provera.... and it sucks! The emotional aspect only lasted about 3 days and then I was a normal human being again, but now, I have a pizza face. Yes, I look 13 and it's ridiculous! I really hate this... i normally wear no make up to work and now I am forced to cake it on so I don't scare the small children!!

On a lighter note... all of my blood work minus the Insulin Resistance test came back... I am disease free, my thyroid is within normal range, I am O negative, immune to rubella, and I am not a cystic fibrosis carrier lol yay me! I am hoping to get the Insulin results back this afternoon so that I will know if I need to start taking metformin.

NEWS FLASH... for those of you I have called freaking out to, my husband has decided to get out of the Navy. His current enlistment is up February of next year, however, he is going to try to extend for one more year so that we can finish school. I am currently debating on Radiology Tech and Nursing school either way I would be done about two months after his extension would end. We haven't decided where we will live yet. Of course we both want to move to our hometowns, his being Elk River, MN and mine being Here in Texas but we are tying to weigh our options and see which will be better for our family!

I promise not to make my next post so long from now like I did before! I hope all of you have a blessed day :)

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  1. Sorry Provera's causing you skin issues! I remember what it was like and *shudder* - no thanks! Yay for tests coming back negative! That's some great news! Fingers crossed the IR test comes back negative as well.

    Good luck to both you and your hubby with school and the choice on where to live! The Hubs and I had to make that decision a few years ago, opting to live here in the States rather than his native England (after I'd done my 3 1/2 year stint over there, lol). I'm sure you'll make the decision that works best for you!