Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sorry for the delay...

Well between ATT and its craziness and now my laptop pooping on me... the internet has not been around in my house! So my hubby and I decided to buy a desktop! I am sick of my laptop having issues while I am in school and I need something reliable! I am so happy to have my internet back!

So now for some updates!!

My husband has volunteered to go to Haiti. We aren't sure if or when he will be going! At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but then I realized that this is something he feels called to do and it is very noble and honorable of him. So I have decided that as his wife all I can do is support him!

I have decided that I will continue my path in school for a degree in education... there is no sense in me just going for nursing or rad tech for the money and/or quickness of the degree, it is not truly where my heart is and I think in the end I would be miserable. I spoke to a counselor at UTA and I already have all but 3 of my core credits complete and those three can be completed during the education program, so I plan on begining in the fall! I will obtain a degree in early childhood through 4th grade education!

I have lost 7lbs as of last Saturday! I am proud... however with coming off of the Provera and having a cycle... it has made me eat things I shouldn't lol! But I think I will at least lose a couple this week! Only about 20 to go before they start the Clomid :)! Monday morning Tim and I have some more testing. I am having an HSG to check my tubes and makes sure we don't have any blockage there... I am very nervous so prayers are welcome! I am hoping that we both get positive news after the testing and luckily we will find out same day right there in the office, no waiting required :)!

Tim and I started attending a Wednesday night Bible Study class and I am loving it! It is a class specifically for young marrieds and Tim and I have been able to relate so much to some of the things they are teaching! Matt and Rachel are the teachers and they do such a great job! Our first visit, last week, something weighed heavy on my heart to ask for the groups prayers with our IF issues... I cried like a baby lol... I felt so ridiculous but Rachel did such a fabulous job with giving me support, guidance and confidence that it was going to be OK and God has a plan for us and this will happen in time! I am so thankful for Whitney talking me into joining this church it has done so much for me already! I look forward to continuing attending!

Well everyone that is about it for updates! I will post again soon! love you all and God bless :)

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