Sunday, March 21, 2010

oh where oh where could AF be!

Well I never thought I would long for AF to show up so badly! I took my last provera on Thursday so today is day 3! Last time I took it AF took 4 days and I am hoping and wishing and praying that she will come tomorrow! The sooner she comes the sooner I can feel better and the sooner we can get our IUI underway!

On the life front...
Things are going well. Tim and I feel like all we do is work. eat. sleep. and do it all over again! We are excited to say that tax season is nearing an end so my workload will be a little less! I am working about 10 hours extra/week which isn't much but thursday's are overwhelming... work early to late! I miss my hubby lately and we are so excited to say that April will bring fun times! We will be going to Houston for my step dad's 50th bday and then my best friend and her husband and little one are coming to visit! May will also be great we will have Tim's mom and dad down for a week and I am hoping for time off!!

I hope all of you ladies are doing well and I will update as soon as I get into the RE and let you know how my baseline sono goes! God Bless!

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