Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thumbs UP!

Today was my "baseline" sonogram. Basically they went in and looked at my uterus and ovaries prior to the start of me taking Clomid for this IUI cycle. Here is how it went...

First, I walked into the room and undressed waist down as directed by my Nurse. Meanwhile i turned around (undressed of course) to walk over and sit on the bed... to my amazement and inability to keep from busting out laughing what do i see... the ultrasound monitor apparently has a screen saver, the screen saver of the say was an old doctor in surgical wear giving a thumbs up!!! I about died laughing! However, I took it as a good omen lol!

Now to the actual important subject lol. My ovaries looked good! No actual cysts thank heavens, however, there were tons of little dots (follicles) from my PCOS but that is considered normal for me. My uterus looked ok the lining is still thick but AF has only been in full swing for two days so the nurse didn't seem concerned. All in all my reproductive organs look just fine! So the RE has prescribed me Clomid (ovulation meds) to take starting tomorrow for 5 days! Then I will go back next wednesday... day 10... for another u/s to make sure things look good! I will then wait to a surge showing that I am ovulating or about to ovulate and that is when the IUI will take place... in other words I will be turkey basted!

Now the bad news (not bad for anyone but myself lol) sometimes people on Clomid don't actually ovulate so I may (most likely) will have to take Ovidrel which forces ovulation... the bad news is, ovidrel is a SHOT!! The worse news... I will have to administer it to MYSELF! Lord please give me strength for this one! I am not a needle lover!

So all in all today was a good report! Please continue to pray for Tim and I as we embark on this Journey of Infertility! We truly appreciate it!


  1. Hi there. I just found your blog from the stirrup queen and became a follower. I too have PCOS and will be going through the exact same procedure and I wanted to wish you good luck.

  2. thanks so much! It feels like it has been such a long journey already! I am hoping IUI#1 does it for us! Good luck to you and keep in touch I am sure we could answer a ton of ?'s for one another!

  3. Good luck with clomid! I hope it does the trick. The ovidrel shot really isn't that bad and by the time I get to use it I am ready and excited to do it :)