Monday, March 8, 2010

Let the hormones begin!!!

RE appointment on 3/08/2010 and the Lord has definitely blessed!

First for a round of applause ;), that's right ladies I lost 23lbs from February 7 to March 8!! I am definitely pleased and very proud of myself considering all I did was take my metformin and watch those carbs! I exercised but not a whole lot so I was shocked at this number!

Now on to the good IF news! Although I lost 23 lbs I was still assuming I would not get to start cycling with Clomid until I lost that last 8lbs! Well, Dr. Nackley had news for me! She came in and told me she was starting me on Provera (you know that medicine that made me a roaring pain in the behind) to bring on Aunt Flo! To be immediately followed by Clomid for ovulation! I started crying, of course tears of joy! Of course I assumed this would mean that we would just do Clomid with TI (timed intercourse), not the case...

Dr. Nackley has recommended to us that we do Clomid + IUI (intrauterine insemination). I was skeptical at first but after finding out that not only is there a much better success rate, our insurance does not cover any of it, not the Clomid, not the sonograms, and not the IUI. So considering it is only 260 dollar difference and we have better chances we have decided to go with Dr. Nackley's recommendations.

So here is the rundown... I am currently on Provera for 10 days (last dose will be 3/19). Then it should take about 3-4 days for Aunt Flo to arrive (assuming things go like last time). Once AF comes I will go in on CD2 (cycle day 2) and have a baseline sonogram to check my lining etc. I will then start my Clomid for CDs 3-7. I will go back to the RE on CD10 for another sonogram to check my lining and to see if I have any growing follies (maturing eggs). After that I will start doing the OPK (ovulation predictor kit) testing everyday until i get the line saying that I am surging! That day we will go in for the IUI process, Tim will do his thing in the cup, and about an hour and a half later they will actually do the insemination! I am so EXCITED!

Please keep us in your prayers that IUI #1 will take and we will meet our bundle of joy soon!! I am praying that our finances work out as well!! We are hoping not to have to forfeit any savings on all of this! But we will if need be... cause i want a wittle one lol!! I will keep you guys posted! Love you all!

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