Thursday, April 1, 2010

I have a nice big...

MATURE FOLLIE!!!!!! Here is the rundown on my cycle to date!

Yesterday was my first follie check since stopping the clomid! I was nervous because I know a lot of women don't respond to just 50mg! So I went in to see mr. thumbs up on the screen and thought to myself, "Ok Shauna just relax, no matter the outcome it will be useful for future treatment." Well in came the nurse! She began the sono and guess what... of course... the machine died lol so we had to change rooms and I had to go through the awkward feeling of sitting there half naked waiting on her to return! However, it was worth it! Apparently I responded pretty well to the clomid! I have one nice big mature follie on my right ovary at 22mm! (18 is mature). However, I have not surged (LH surge shows that you will ovulate SOON) on my own. With my follie so mature, my lining at 8 (perfect) and the fact that I am on CD11/12, the RE doesn't want to risk missing the ovulation! I will trigger (give myself a shot to make me ovulate) TONIGHT! Our IUI is scheduled for Saturday at 11! I am beside myself with excitement and apprehension! I am so nervous as to how this will play out! I ask that everyone keep us in your prayers, I know it is all in his hands and what we ask in his name we shall receive!! Thanks for all of the prayers so far and all to come!

Easter Sunday is right around the corner! I am so excited to praise the good Lord for dying on the cross for my sins and his resurrection! I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend!


  1. Good luck! I know the needle makes you nervous. But praise the Lord you may conceive an Easter baby!

  2. Hoping all goes well for you. I just got my shot today and my IUI is tomorrow am. :)